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I’m MJ, a Canadian living in The Hague, Netherlands. I’m here to help fill the small void of information I couldn’t find on the internet and researched myself, as well as to inspire people to be their best self.

For year’s I have thought about making a blog. The first time I thought of it was when we moved our family (including two preteen children) from Canada to The Netherlands in 2013. It was such a big change for us that I felt it would be something I could write about, and inspire others who were considering an international move. The next time the blogging idea came into my mind, I was leading my first book club discussion and I couldn’t find any information on the book we were reading and had to create it myself. After that the idea has popped into my head whenever I have gone looking for something on the internet and I can’t find any information on it (yes, it’s true, this does happen to me more often than one might think), or when I am embarking on something new and I think my experience might inspire people.

Along with an education in life experience, I have a BSc in Geology, and was once licensed as a Financial Planner. How my life arrived at this point was just a matter of choices either having to be made, or just made spontaneously, and rarely if ever regretted.

My hubby, young adults son (the boy), and teenage daughter (the girl) all think this is a crazy endeavour, but what the heck, that’s how I’ve made so many of my decisions.

Photo Credit to Christie.

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