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MJ's 5 Favourite Podcasts

Two weeks ago GiftzbyKaren wrote about her favourite podcasts and I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite podcasts too. I’m always looking for good podcasts.

Podcasts were new to me in 2020. I don’t mean I hadn’t heard of them; I just hadn’t listened to them. Most of my audio time (when I am cooking or cleaning) was spent listening to audiobooks or music. My husband suggested The Missing Cryptoqueen on BBC and I couldn’t stop listening – I was hooked. There are so many different podcasts, covering so many topics, there is something for everyone.

So here they are: MJ’s favourite podcasts:

1. Unsolved Mysteries: I’m grouping this as one because I have listened to so many good ones and they would fill almost my entire list. Some of my favourites have been:

  • The Missing Cryptoqueen – BBC – a fake crypto currency scam. It gives you more reason that just this weeks Reddit influence on the stock market to make sure you understand what you are investing in.

  • Death in Ice Valley – BBC – an unsolved murder mystery from the 1970’s that is full of intrigue and will make you want to find out who the victim was.

  • Your Own Backyard – Chris Lambert – why has the prime suspect still not been arrested? One of the things I like about this one (and a few others) is that, in making the podcast on Kristin Smart, he has brought a lot of attention to her case and generated a lot more leads for the police. It would be great if we could do this for all unsolved crimes.

2. Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History – Pushkin – this podcast was suggested to me by my nephew and just like everything Malcolm does, he has done the podcast well. From art to politics to sports, Malcolm gives a different view of past events. In addition, his topics seem to be a bit random or unexpected and that is great for someone like me – after all what is my blog name?

3. Because news – CBC – ok, it is very Canadian and it might not appeal to those who don’t keep current with Canadian news. However, it is funny.

4. Ten Percent Happier – I know, I know, you are thinking self-help, not me, but it isn’t only about meditation. It’s about a variety of things such as reducing polarization when differences of political opinion come up or the influences social media have on us, not just on mental health but on maintaining humanity. I haven’t enjoyed every episode, but many are so interesting.

5. Against the Rules with Michael Lewis – Pushkin – He takes a look at fairness and how it has changed with time. He also talks to people who are trying to bring fairness back. The changes that have occurred with regard to fairness over time are really interesting and we haven’t paid attention.

These podcasts are on my ‘to be listened to’ list.

Honestly, my favourite podcasts have come to me through recommendations so please comment, pm, or email me with your favourites.

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3 bình luận

21 thg 2, 2021

Colleen you will have to let me know if you like them. Any podcasts you recommend?


21 thg 2, 2021

Looking forward to checking these out! Thanks


Karen Houlding
Karen Houlding
31 thg 1, 2021

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to try the CBC one. Canada has some very funny comedy shows, too - like This Hour Has 22 Minutes and The Red Green Show!

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